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I-15 Las Vegas

Exit 43 on I-15 Northbound ...

Map of Exit 43 North Bound on Interstate 15 Las Vegas at Washington Ave SR 578
Exit 43 North leaves Interstate 15 in the Las Vegas area and connects to Washington Ave (State Route 578)... check current traffic conditions map at I-15 and Washington Ave (SR 578).

Some destinations via Exit 43 North bound include;

  • Bonanza Rd E,
  • Cashman Center,
  • City Parkway,
  • Desert Pines Golf Club,
  • Bruce St N,
  • D Street,
  • Eastern Ave N,
  • Family Courts and Services Center,
  • Freedom Park,
  • Heritage Park,
  • Las Vegas Clarke County Library District,
  • Las Vegas Blvd N,
  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum,
  • Lions Memorial Park,
  • Main St N,
  • Maryland Pkwy N,
  • Mojave Rd N,
  • Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort,
  • State Route 578,
  • Veterans memorial Dr N,
  • Washington Ave E,

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